I recently took medications for acute Bronchitis for 5 days.. Hydrocodone/Homatropine Syrup and an Albuterol inhaler.. I suffered from headaches naseau and heartburn! The dr at the clinic said they were side affects and to stop taking.. which I did 2 days ago. The headaches and naseau are gone buut still suffering from ALOT of heartburn! So much so it kept me awake the other night.. The Dr. suggested taking pepcid and Prilosec.. I took Pepcid and it helpd a bit. but that makes me dizzzzy. I'm petrified to take the prilosec after researching those side affects (more headaches and naseu!!! ) Could the heartburn stillll be related to the Hydrocodone/Albuterol and if sooo how long may it linger??? If not HELLLP soo afraid to take anymore medications.. i seem to be verrry sensitive! :((