A week ago I went to the hospital because I had high blood pressure 161/90 and resting heart rate of 89. I noticed I was laying down and I started to become anxious, nervous and went into a full panic. I went to the hospital and I noticed the palpitations (Heart would skip beat and then beat faster mildly) became more frequent. I had blood work, EKG and thyroid checked out and it was perfect. I would like to add that I do smoke vape with high amounts of nicotine. I take paroxetine 40mg once a day and amlodipine 10mg once a day. I noticed that my anxiety has been quite high and normally my blood pressure is 130/72 with a resting heart rate of 67. Last night my anxiety spiked quite high and my heart rate was at 100 BPM which is very uncommon. I was able to meditate and get my heart rate and blood pressure back to normal after 10 minutes. I'm at a loss for what's going on and maybe some feedback would be helpful. Thank you again.