I took 100mg of adderal in the span of about 30 hours split over 5 20mg pills last week and either I'm still high/feeling the effects or my heart/blood pressure got really messed up. I've never had this strong negative affect from a drug before. I can't exercise without my heart rate going through the roof. Even just sitting or standing, It's beating hard and fast.

I ran a 5k the next day like an idiot and my heart was about to pop out my chest . So I decide to wait 5 days and try again. I run another 5k and the same thing! My heart proceeded to beat incredibly hard and fast for the next 6 hours straight. Now it's been over 7 days since I last popped an adderal pill and it's still beating so fast and hard. I just woke up and even laying in bed writing this post, my heart is acting like I just did a lap. Will these effects subside or did I really mess myself up bad?