in the past when i have gone to the er, i was told by the nurses and one of the drs that i have what they call pvc's. which are an extra beat from time to time, and that may be why i get some chest pains. they say at my age, 40, there is really no concern. i was also told it is very common, but not always can a person feel the pvc. in my case, i can and it confuses me. they say i dont need anything for it. but any how for my sanity, i went to a cardiologist, to do further testing explaining my concerns about my chest pains at times and now we are doing tests to be sure that it is the pvc that is just there, or one caused by a heart problem. some people are given medication for that if their pvc's cause pain, my dr gave me some and said i can take it if i want, and it makes me uncomfortable, i asked about all the medication im allready on, percocet, prozac, vinstatin, premarin, baby aspirin. she said there will be no interaction with eachother, but im just kinda iffy about adding on anymore pills to my list i take each day. does anyone have pvc's? can you feel yours? are you on something for it? and if anyone has had a heart attack, please tell me if i will definately know its a heart attack if im having one. cause i have these chest pains which i know is my anxiety/panic cause thats also the symptoms. and heart attack was always ruled out. sometimes ill be resting and my chest pains is so bad, i get scared thinking i wonder if im gonna die of a heart attack, but yet i fall asleep and get up, still alive. so after numerous times i should know by now that its not my heart rite? im just scared, i would like anyone whos going thru the same thing to please support me so this madness im creating stops. thanks a bunch dc family, leanne