Does anyone have a heart problem and COPD? I know I have COPD, and I'm a very depressed older man. I have all kinds of problems and no one to help me. I live on a low fixed income.

I've been alright while it was warm. Last night it got very cold, like 33 degrees. But I had to walk 3 blocks to buy groceries. Walking back was hard. When I got to my building I had to go up 17 steps. I have problems with the steps, and each year it gets harder. I had to stop 3 times, but I made it. When I got here, I felt a weakness in my chest. I ate and went to sleep.

How does cold air effect a person if then have a narrow artery?

If I spend my SS check to go to a heart doc and nothings wrong, I'm in big money trouble.

I'm so alone and so depressed, I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me.

I know a lot of older people go south for the winter. But I don't know why?
Can anyone tell me why?