Hello, I am a 21 year old female with fatigue, dizziness, and the feeling like I am going to pass out when I go from the siting to standing position. I only find relief when I go back to the sitting position or to the lying down position. I measured my heart rate to be 64 bpm sitting at 8:33 am. I stood up and felt awful, like my heart was pounding and my heart rate measured 145 bpm at 8:35 am. I continued to stand still and measured 143 bpm at 8:43 am. I couldn't take it anymore and laid down and measured 59 bpm. If it is helpful to note, I have a low RBC count, 3.97, and slightly low WBC 4.6. I also have be diagnosed with celiac disease 9 months ago and have been following a strict gluten-free diet since then. I have normal iron, B12, and folate levels as well. Thank you for help and input!