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Would like to hear from anyone who has actually taken Belviq?

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vgunderson1 26 Feb 2013

BELVIQ is not available at the pharmacy yet.
Because Belviq has a potential for abuse the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration must rule on how to schedule the drug. That process probably began no later than last May, 2012. As this usually takes four to six months, Belviq should become available by early 2013. A quicker DEA ruling may speed the drug's arrival.
Belviq causes weight loss by turning on a specific switch that increases levels of the brain messenger serotonin. At dosages intended for weight loss, it does not significantly turn on slightly different serotonin switches responsible for the effects of hallucinogens (such as LSD) and addictive drugs of abuse. Higher doses may trigger these switches, which is why the DEA likely will schedule Belviq as a controlled substance. SOURCE: WebMD

Jordan5712 30 Apr 2013

I was part of their 2 year study in late 2007 thru early 2009. It was amazing. The only side effect was dry mouth. I lost over 45 lbs. I felt great. Since then I have gained the weight back and looking to try Qysmia. When it does come on the market (Belviq) I am looking forward to getting back on it.

millascent 29 Nov 2014

I've taken Belviq. I had taken other weight loss meds in past, with some good and some not so good responses. But it had been years since I'd sought medical supported weight loss.

(HX: 50 y.o white female, life-long dieter w yo-yo weight, 2 yrs post hysterectomy. At 5' 1" I weighed 199 lb at weigh in and needed to loose about 75-90 lbs. I had been taking Zoloft at a lo/mod dose for hot flashes for 2 years. I switched to estrogen for HF and tapered, d/c Zoloft completely for ~ 5-6 weeks prior to starting Belviq.) free discount card

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