I'm weaning off a very low dose of effexor 37.5mg. I'm taking half the capsule. I am also on lexapro 2mg. I am very sensitive to meds and am lucky to get benefits from such low doses. I started Viibryd last week and I love it! I am calm, relaxed and more focused. The problem I'm having is a low grade headache. I'm not sure if this is from coming down off of effexor or if its the viibryd or both. It does come on when the viibryd "kicks in" in the morning. It feels like temple/sinus pressue. It is relieved with a little tylenol. But I can't stay on that forever! Please, I hope these headaches go away because I want to eventually stay on Viibryd only.

Anyone else have headaches? and if you did, did they go away?