I was 16 unfortunately I just dealt with them as best I could with excedrin, i'm 27 now and they seem to have gotten 100 times worse, I just recently went to the neurologist and she prescribed 100mg of topomax a day as a preventative although I don't feel it's working.I've also tried relpax which did nothing for me and now she just recently prescribed me rizatriptan a generic dissolving maxalt-MLT, and although it calmed it slightly I still am dealing with the headache all day. Is there anything out there that will take away the migraine and headache completely? Everyday I wake up with headaches and everynight I'm going to bed with a headache. I'm extremely lucky if I can go 1 day a month with no severe headache that turns into a migraine, I'm a mother of 2 and with these migraines I have to push through just to make sure I can do homework with my 5 year old or play with my 3 yr old during the day. And it's always on the left side of my head. Is there anything I can suggest to my neuro that helped anyone else extremely well? I really appreciate it. Thank you!