This is a somewhat complicated personal problem with several factors. Let me begin by saying that I have been a regular alcohol consumer for most of my 20s (I am now 26), drinking at least a few beers almost daily for several years now. I experimented with other substances in my early 20s, but besides alcohol these days I will occasional smoke marijuana. This past Sunday I was having sex with my girlfriend and after a while when we were both quite heated and sweaty I encountered the onset of a vicious migraine - it became apparent during the sex that a headache was oncoming, however I continued until it became a full blown migraine, at which point I told her I needed to stop. It was a freight train headache that I've never experienced during sex. The headache, feeling of some sort of impending doom, as well as bad anxiety and a fuzzy/dizzy head feeling has lingered off and on for 5 days. It is also worth noting that I drink energy drinks daily and did so right before this particular sex session, however I was not drunk. I quit energy drinks completely after this Sunday and gave myself a 3 day break from alcohol. I still feel awful. Is this a strange combination of over-exertion, poor health, alcoholism, kicking energy drinks... or what? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I have myself worried sick that I have done some sort of brain damage.