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What can I take for a headache while taking Harvoni?

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Cure-E-Us 25 Jun 2017

Take water, alot of water. Water practically too all of my side effects away, and I was getting the worst of it, hot flashes, headache, fatigue, night sweats, name it I got it. But I started drinking a lot of water and the side effects virtually disappeared within a day or two. Am about two weeks in now and feel much better

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Protozoan 25 Jun 2017

Thanks slots will try

BRENDACARVER16 25 Jun 2017

I have just finished 8 week treatment. Yesterday was my last harvoni pill .I took mine in the morning. With lots of water .I drink 2 cups of coffee at 6 am and took medicine at 8 am with 2 glasses of water about ever hour .I feel great. No head ache .I think the water is the trick .

Stephen Treloar 25 Jun 2017

I have fluid restrictions due to liver disease but I had a low level headache the entire time and 2 months after. Everyone says water is the trick.

Aspen81 25 Jun 2017

Increase water intake and take a tylenol. If your body needed the water then the tylenol wont help but at least you know what you can take. I only got a few headaches the first week of treatment. I am 3 months past the ending of treatment, have no viral load and feel great. Take care and good luck!

Stephen Treloar 25 Jun 2017

Some people are sicker than others, I was instructed not to take tylenol due to my poor liver function.

Aspen81 25 Jun 2017

Ooo that is a good point well taken. I should say that before i started treatment, i got a packet of dos and donts and a treatment plan that i had to sign. If you didnt recieve something lile that it may be better if you call your dr to ask what you can take free discount card

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