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What can I take for my headache while. Taking harvoni?

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Moondog13 25 Mar 2015

I am on my 10th day of Harvoni and as I have only had mild headaches my Dr. said to take the baby aspirin (81mg each) and that has worked fine for me
to day I have not had a headache ... feel very good !

Inactive 25 Mar 2015

Hi, ccoleman50. Im on my fifth week taking Harvoni and been experiencing headaches since day 4 I take Motrin. We should never take Tylenol or anything with acetaminophen because it may hurt the liver further. Ibuprofen with food is the way to go. Wish you well .

Cureforsure15 25 Mar 2015

My doctor at HUP suggested Tylenol as the go to for HARVONI headaches, but not to exceed 2000mg daily. Headaches were pretty bad and I did use Tylenol in the beginning of my treatment ( started 2/12) but it did not always work. After three weeks I went on this blog and read about how increasing my water would help significantly and within a few days the headaches changed for the good dramatically. I now drink 12 cups of water daily. Pre-HARVONI I barely drank 6! I fill a gallon pitcher of water in the morning sometimes the juice of a lemon or lime. . And... take it with you when you go anywhere as well. Good Luck.

Juhiggins 20 Oct 2016

I am in my 6th week and was told I can't take aspirin or ibuprofen while taking harvoni. I drink a ton of water and take tylenol but it isn't really helping. Any other suggestions? free discount card

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