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I have headache in left side fo head and eye. every mng I will get that and it will go afternoon Y?

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kathyhanson 8 Jun 2013

It could be as simple as changing the position you sleep in, or changing your pillow to give your neck more support. You could be having muscle spasms that trigger the H.A. Try changing these things and if the H.A. continues, see a doctor for evaluation. You did not say if you take any medications, so I can give you only a generalized answer.

endlessPred 8 Jun 2013

Hello. Your eye condition did not make it to the question. You can add to your question and give us some more information. Also, if you have injured your head, bumped it, other problems you may have. Thanks.

angel1662 8 Jun 2013

Hello Harrish002,
There r so many issues that can be causing this and it may or may not be serious... So if it were me I would make an appt with my pcp or neurologist who deals with these things and explain to them what exactly is happening, when it happens, and what u r doing when it is brought on... perhaps they will do a mri/ct of the head and outer test to rule out anything serious and blood work... so before u get all overwhelmed just do this to ease your mind, and keep as posted for we do care for our fellow man/woman... GOD BLESS... free discount card

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