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Headache - I want to kno medicine name I have brain paining plzz?

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sara12345 1 Aug 2013

Sorry for your pain. Need to know more details. How long, how severe and what have you tried so far? Have you seen a doctor about it yet?

Raymondfosu 25 Dec 2017

YES 4 different doctor but still

Anniebananie12 2 Aug 2013

Imitrex tablets work great for me! I call it my miracle drug. Before that, even strong opiates couldn't stop the pain. Some people can't take them due to side effects, but I don't get any side effects. I am prescribed 100mg tablets, and I break them in half so they last longer. (They come in a prescription of only 9 pills, and there's a limit on how many the insurance company will pay for.)
Hope this helps!

sara12345 26 Dec 2017

Yes some of the brand names are Sumatriptan and Maxalt. free discount card

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