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Headache - is it safer to take nor-co 10/325 whole or to cut it in half and take with tylenol?

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christineATU 9 May 2010

Does Tylenol usually work for your headaches? If so, you certainly could take half the norco with 1 Tylenol. As a matter of fact, many people get headaches from opiate pain meds. Hope you feel better soon! And if you're a mom, Happy Mothers Day!

Cats Meow 10 May 2010

It's safe to cut Norco in half and you can crush it, but don't take more then 1000mgs of acetaminophen at once, and never more then 4000mgs in a day, it is toxic to your liver.

hernandaz123 12 May 2010

opps, one day i took like over 10,000mgs of tylonal. but it was when i was young. BUT I'M STILL LIVING!

Cats Meow 12 May 2010


hernandaz123 12 May 2010

hahahahahaha, but i probally have something wrong with my liver if you are telling the truth. witch would not be good.

Cats Meow 12 May 2010

It does take time, probably years at 4000+ mgs a day, and I'm not sure what the fatal dose is. I'm sure you're fine though, but your liver hated you that day! If you're concerned have your doctor do a liver function test, docs routinely order this for their patients that take Vicodin ES (750mg APAP), and etc.

hernandaz123 13 May 2010

I think your probally right. If there was something wrong with my liver, it would of affected me in a way already. I remember that day quite vividly. And im pretty sure nothing "hated me" that day but my mom because all of her tylonal was gone, lol. but still, i did take like 20 tylonals, 500mg.ech, that day. now that im thinking about, im lucky i didnt O.D. on that stuff. (i was lucky, young, bored, and stuped way back then). free discount card

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