I am 25 years old. I had unprotected sex with my partner. But he did not ejaculated inside, he is pretty much sure about it. But still i was very very tensed that i will get pregnant, so i took i pill almost after 15 hrs of intercourse. I was normal on the first day but since second day after taking ipill I am having headache, body pain, bodyache, and I am feeling really weak. Its fourth day since i took ipill and I think i have lost a bit of my weight. What should I do now I am not getting, I am really really worried what is happening with me. Is it because of ipill or am I pregnant? Please somebody advise me on this what should I do. What care do I have to take? Should I consult a dr or I should wait for 2-3 days more? Please help me and advise. I am really tensed. Please sombody help me as soon as possible..thank you.