I have been told I have TN by 2 doctors and 2 say probably not, Was given neurotin by one doctor which I took for a week then stopped. Saw a neurologist and he said there is no real way to diagnose TN except with symptoms and he has prescribed tegretol 200 mg once a day, then 2x a day. My question is my pain is mainly my left, right in front of my ear and like a sqeezing headache and sometimes an ear ache as well. The nerve in front of my ear just below my temple is sore to the touch. I also sometimes have pain in my jaw and some slight currents up my cheek, but mostly is pressure and like a sqeezing headache which comes and goes sometimes a couple dozen times a day and getting worse. I did have extensive dental work done (a root canal 2x) and afterwards that's when I started noticing a stabbing pain in my jaw . I then was told to have the tooth extracted, which I did, then had a dry socket! I also had the bone scrapped and was restitched! Whatever this is I need a professional diagnosis before I just start taking this tegretol (which sounds like a bad drug with many side affects) and I am at a loss of where to turn next, any advise would be greatly appreciated!