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Is head tension and feeling of confusion and/or a feeling as if you would trip off part of anxiety?

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suzanne66 4 Feb 2013

This from

"... Anxiety and worry are often associated with the following symptoms:

Restlessness or feeling keyed up or "on edge"
Being easily fatigued
Difficulty concentrating
Muscle tension -- shakiness, headaches
Sleep disturbance (difficulty falling or staying asleep; or restless, unsatisfying sleep)
Excessive sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath, and various gastrointestinal symptoms"

These are exactly what I feel!! I had a reaction to a fentenyl patch and thought my symptoms were all from that. But even after that's over with I'm still feeling these symptoms. Thanks for this information. Going to psychiatrist soon though.

meyati 4 Feb 2013

My husband also suffered from confusion-which made him more anxious and angry. My son also gets confused from anxiety.

I get frustrated because I get confused or also because there are so many things I would like to do to" fix " things and I cannot do them. But my anxiety is of the wall. Its awful to have said or done something out of anger and realized what you just did and you can't take it back. I just press that my family and friends remain patient with me. I thank God for them all. Thanks for your reply.

justanotherdusty 4 Feb 2013

I believe it is yes. I have the same feelings now, having bumped up my paxil from 10mg to 20mg after four years. I also felt very trippy when i didn't take a pill for two days or more. It felt heavy but at the same time light. My eyes didn't seem to focus very well, tired, moody, slow to respond, confusion and just airy.

The other day someone asked me something and it didn't even hit me that they asked me something until like two minutes later. I looked kind of foolish just coming out of the blue and answering their question so long after they asked it. They had already given up on getting an answer from me. My mind feels like its in a tidal wave and I'm just getting splashed around. I can't catch up with life. I'm so tired too. I just want to go in my room and close the world of for a while until things calm down. But I know my mind is still going to be going at full speed even behind my safe for walls. Thanks for your reply. free discount card

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