Hello, I play computer a lot, almost around the whole day most of my life, and this past summer i have been on a lot. Anyways, around a year ago i had gotten a pinched nerve from working out in my neck. I was asked to take an MRI 2x on my neck, but it got better, and only came back when really agitated. Around 3 weeks ago it came back, now on my head some spots when you touch it hurts/sore to touch, like tender. I have sometimes blurry vision, barely though, I suffer from GERD. Now every since 2-3 weeks ago, whenever I get agitated or get in any kind of confrontation of any sort, verbal dispute etc, the right side of my head gets very tense, like feels like the veins are getting tense/stressed, and im scared its something bad. Not sure what to do, is it cause of the pinched neck nerve? Also suffer from anxiety.