Hi. I had cervical surgery two weeks ago on c5/c6-c6/c7. So let me apologize in advance for typing errors, Surgery was a\last resort so I had to have it done. Had EMG which showed nerve damage and muscle damage. Now I am uncomfotable still in neck and right arm. Im not sure how long it takes to feel better, I sleep n my chair everynight because i cannot lay down and lifting my right arm causes extreme pain in the under part of arm, Is this normal will it get better, i had no sensation in my right arm or hand before surgery it was as if it was asleep so ithought pain back was good, Can n e one help me with pointers on how to halp releive pain in arm and n e hits on best way to sleep, Am not allowed tylenol, aleve ect for at least three months. Also having heaqdaches, No c Collar was given to me. Please help thanks so much