Pain started in my left shoulder then in my upper left arm within a few hours. I was so bad that was all I could focus on. Then my left hand went numb on the palm side. So I had an MRI done then another because the first one wasn't clear. The first one said I had both central stennosis (8mm) and foraminal stenosis at c4-5 and a left disc protrusion that compresses the left hemicord and causes severe central stenosis and the same at c5-6. The second MRI shows the same and also shows c6-7 to have severe central narrowing and compression of right side nerve root (no right side symptoms). I also notes a right nerve root sheath syst. The diagnosis says herinated disc. To make matters worse it looks like I will loose my job next week so I will loose my short term disability insurance so I'll have no income while I recover which will make it impossible to keep my insurance for long. So I have an apointment with the nerosurgon next week and I have to figure a lot out soon because if I can get on disability before the job ends I'll have that. I really freaked out by all of this. I was told that PT and even injections were too dangerous to proceed with by the Physiatrists. I was forced to be off work because of no work so I've been less active and with naproxin my pain level is down in the mornings but up in the evenings typically. Of couerse I'll talk to the doctor but can you guys tell me what to expect, ask, ect and what was your experience. My mind is spinning so right now I don't even know what to ask about so if you have some advice it would be appreciated