... surgeries, and went to one of the top 5 clinics for this, mine didn't work. I also went totally blind for 7 days following the surgery. Evidently this is very rare -didn't know how I was or where I was until about the 7th day. Now have more pain than I did pre-surgery. When the surgeon told me about the surgery, he said with all cervical spine surgeries, there is a 50% chance of getting better, and a 50% of staying the same or the pain getting worse. Having had this for 20 yrs and recent severe pain, I opted for surgery. Everyone has to make a decision, and all those people I know with successful neck surgeries... He didn't know why I lost my sight temporarily - just said 'inflammation.' I know this is probably very rare, but just wanted to ask if anyone had lost their vision like I did. - just to add, they went from the back of the neck and used an experimental bone material in place of C-5