My friend takes 200 tylonals #1's and 3s a month for about 17 years. why is he still alive?
Posted:7 hours ago by bobb1.Details:he will take tylonal #1s if he cant get tylonal #3s. he buys 200 bottle and finishes the bottle befor the month is up. He is very depressed. he's talked to ppl about his depresion but never took meds for it. He told me he has been doing it since he was 14 starting with tylona 2's. He started taking them because it gave him confidence he didnt feel nevervous around people or going to school and it just excalated from there on. now he's over 30 still taking them. He says it still gives him that positive confident feeling. but when he's off them he's so sad and depressed. Oh yea he has never had a job for longer then 3 months in his life. He always says why am I still alive and life is pointless. But he wont take his own life. (he is a very caring person). I hope this is enough detail to help me help him.
What do I do?
How can I help?