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How can some one know that he has candida and which medicine can one use to treat candinda?

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kaismama 22 Oct 2013

Candida has some specific symptoms and a guess can be made that is what it is. A culture has to be done to be sure that is what it is. There are pills and creams for it.

DzooBaby 22 Oct 2013

As far as vaginal Candida, once you have a Candida infection, you will know if it turns up again. There is thick cottage cheese like discharge, it usually causes severe itching and burning and it may burn when urinating. Candida on the skin is bright red with denuded skin (like a peeled blister) and the edges are spotty. If the skin folds are affected, there can sometimes be cheesy drainage in the skin folds. In the digestive tract, you will find the tongue coated with a white cheesy looking coating that will bleed if you try to remove it and often there will be irritation at the anus as well. If you have never had Candida, it is best to see your Dr for diagnosis first because some other infections can be similar. Candida needs to be treated with an appropriate antifungal drug. free discount card

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