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Having trouble finding xanax and/or klonopin since my doc retired? anyone help?

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BRRMARS 8 Jun 2011

Have you tried going to a clinic until you can find a new doctor? Can you get your medical records that way it would make it easier for them to prescribe you the medication,

C if you doctor can refer u to another doctor. Seems like they would of!! I would get medical records n find doctor n your area... neurology, orthopedic... etc... most time doc. Keep u on it if u r already!! I got them cause I'm 12hr nightshift n my sleep schedule is crazy... also cause my body needs sleep to heal itself as much as it can. Hope this helps!!

Inactive 8 Jun 2011

Hello medfacts82. I am very surprised that your doctor did not give you a referral to another doctor. Considering the medication, (I was a long time xanax user), its defintely a medication that almost always has to be tapered of from, if not going to be used. I might try a clinic, to at least get a perscription to hold you over, and at the same time, perhaps a referral. best to you.

LaurieShay 8 Jun 2011

Hey medfacts,

Please do not just stop the xananx or klonopin if you take regularly as this can cause a seizure. Have the retired doctor recommend a new doctor and have your records transferred asap.

Best wishes,


Inactive 8 Jun 2011

medfacts, most docs will give you your records when they retire, you should be able to get them. And then it would be easier for another doc to see why you want these meds and not just thnk you are a drug seeker. Did this doc not have anyone take over for him or refer you to another doc? Please give us alittle more info. free discount card

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