I had surgery almost four weeks ago and started having some sleeping problems a couple of weeks ago. I started taking 5mg of zolpidem three nights ago. I got four hours of sleep the first night on it and then six hours the last two,nights waking up around 6am. I didn't go back to sleep the first two nights but I did this morning after being up for more than an hour. The first two post-zolpidem mornings left me feeling a little foggy but this morning was a whole other story. I woke up with a scratchy throat, bloody nose, achy and heavy arms and pains and heaviness in my calves that almost made me feel like I couldn't walk or stand. My heart was beating fast too but has since started to even out again. I know that zolpidem can leave you groggy but has anyone else experienced this? I'm not going to take it tonight. Thanks.