It can be that you took the pain meds while still on Sub, or you could have taken them after you quit Sub? Listen my friends, We Need to Discuss this. Or do you want to wait until you're in an ER with multiple injuries, and only then find out what will happen when you take a Perc, a Vic, or even Morphine? That would not be a very wise idea. And I love wisdom. As much as I like knowledge, wisdom is better. Wisdom shows you what to do with your knowledge. We are almost all pain people here. No offense to you if you were a Heroin addict. I'm not better than you are, I was just lucky enough to have not liked Heroin. But if you did, and you have taken a pain pill after being on Subs, please answer this.

We want to know the following information. What pain med did you take, and how well did it kill your pain? We also want to know if you caught a buzz? That's dumb I know. But no one is being told they may never feel a buzz again, not even from alcohol. I'm in my late 50's and fine with this. But some of you younger folks are understandably upset. Getting tipsy from alcohol is a part of many people's social life. I was once that way too. So we need to concern ourselves with this. But our main concern is how well the pain med worked on your pain? What kind of pain was it, please be thorough? How much Sub are you taking, or were you taking? Which pain med did you take? How much did you need? That is most important. How long did the pain med last? If you took a Perc and it worked, great. How long did it last? I found it wears off in 2 hours.

The docs don't know the answers to these questions. No studies are being done, to my knowledge. And yet almost everyone of us will need another kind of pain med before we die. What will happen? Since the docs are not studying this question, I am attempting to do so. But I can't do it without all of you. Maybe I will try and draw up a questionnaire about this. If we can get enough answers I will attempt to put it together and submit it to some doctors. Would anyone like to help me? Is anyone in collage and knows how to do this? I don't care whether you ever took Sub or not. I can use help people. I'm not that smart. I haven't drawn up a questionnaire in 30 years, or more.

Please answer this people. We need to discover the answers.