My daughter is 10 and has been on Lupron (7.5mg) for 8 months because when her period started it never stopped (she had it 3 months!) and also there was a concern about her height stunted from early puberty. Two weeks after lupron was started the bleeding stopped! Although now she is now having severe foot pain, tight ligaments/tendons and lower extremity weakness. Her balance is very impaired and falling has become a problem. She can hardly get up from the floor due to balance and weakness in her lower extremities. Her toes just hang there and she can't wiggle them and this is causing her to "march" instead of walk to avoid stubbing them. She can not run and had to give up soccer which she just played last fall and was good at. Doctors are puzzled and not sure it is Lupron since they have never heard of these symptoms before from this drug. As the drug continued the symptoms worsened so, as her mom, I am quite convinced it is Lupron. The drug has been stopped and my focus now is on getting her strength and mobility back. She has gone from a competative soccer player to looking like a special needs kid. When I went to get her better shoes to help with her balance and walking the pedorthist suggested at some point I might want to get her a cane!!! Help!!! I want my soccer player back!!! We are heading to a 4th doctor next week. We have seen the Pediatrician, Orthopedist, Endocrinologist and next week the Neourologist!