I recently was under a lot of stress and was having trouble getting to sleep. I normally take half of the pill, but I had just filled the rx so I hadn't cut them in half yet. I was lazy so I took the whole one. When I woke up the next morning I noticed some strange things out of place in my bedroom. Something told me to go down and check the car. In the back there were dozens of bags from walmart. When I finally found the receipt, I saw that at around Midnight I had made a 500 dollar purchase from the Walmart store. Upon checking the bags, it seemed like of the thoughts that had been running through my head that day to my subconsience on a shopping spree. I do not remember any of it. I can only make subconsience guesses as to why most items ended up in my car. Somehow I did this in the middle of the night without crashing my car or getting arrested. I don't even know if I was fully dressed! A week later, I still have no memory other than the pile of crap that i need to return to the store. Has anyone ever done something like this on ambien. I've taken it a few years now, nothing like his had ever happened but now I'm so afraid! Please tell me I'm not alone. and how do I break myself of the need I feel to keep the stuff around for those nights I just can't sleep?