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Have used hydrocodone for 2 years (daily) would like to quit. is suboxone the answer?

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mpvt 2 Dec 2009

I would usse the suboxone only as a detox aid. So you get a 6 week prescription that weans you down so that you don't go into hydrocodone withdrawls and seeing that you are only on the suboxone for 6 weeks and weaning you won't get addicted to it.
2 years is a short time for opiate addiction and I certainly don't mean that in a belittling way, what I mean is that you are lucky as you haven't likely changed your brain chemistry and you should be able to bounce back very quickly from this. How ever you will still have cravings especially when you get stressed or upset ect. So you really should find a support group as they have there good points. If you have a good support system from your family then you may not need the groups. Anyway, good luck and don't get on the suboxone for more than 6 weeks or you will end up having to detox off of it and you don't want that, believe me. You have a real chance here to say goodbye to opiates and get your life back so take full advantage of it... Dave

subuser31 7 Dec 2009

Yes it is the best drug to take away the aches and pains of being stuck feelin yucky if you dont take it. On the other hand I am not sure I agree below, because I am going to be taking Suboxone the rest of my life as I have broken metal in my spine and 36 screws and two plates and without an opiate or morphine pump, OMG I would be dead.
It depends if it is just hydrocodone and if there is upcoming surgeries and if the pain level is bad enough to take zero pain meds. I guess hydrocodone by itself would be easy to get off of with suboxone but more than likley as my Dr said, there still will be pain and the brain doesnt just all of a sudden have no response, off of the pain meds. It is going to take a while to be off of them completley but the question is, does your Doc want you off? Can you live with the pain without the meds, if so... by all means yes detox like he said above... great idea.
Each person is different and if you have no more pain, rock on and get off of the shit, it is so bad for your liver! I took 230 10mg pills a day for severe pain and then couldnt get down off of the dose, I suffered. I am so glad and proud of you for wanting to get off the pills but be sure that this is what the Doc thinks is the best, other than that..good luck and best wishes... free discount card

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