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Have they quit making generic skelaxin?

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Rajive Goel 15 Jul 2011

Generic Skelaxin is available in only one strength -- Metaxalone 800 mg tablets. It is sold by various manufacturers, such as CorePharma and Sandoz. Notably, the CorePharma generic is an "authorized generic," meaning that it is exactly the same as brand-name Skelaxin in every way (even made by the same manufacturer), except that it is sold under a generic label. Essentially, it is brand-name Skelaxin tablets sold in a generic bottle.

caringsonbj 15 Jul 2011

Good Morning- hope all is well with you

caringsonbj 15 Jul 2011

I meant good morning Rajive, I do hope all is well with you! Have a great day

Rajive Goel 15 Jul 2011

Thanks... all is well, they say it often; ... so far so good... take care, Rajive

caringsonbj 15 Jul 2011

I don't know about now but about a year ago my Dr. tried to prescribe it and I don't know this could have been the reason but my Insurance declined to pay for it so instead I ended up using Robaxin. anymore it seems that the Insurance companies have greater control than a prescribing doctor I do wish you the very best of luck- caringsonbj

But Rajive is right they do still manufacture it

The Mad Man 22 Sep 2011

I have the same problem recently. My pharmacy says there is something wrong with the manufacturer and they don't know when they are going to get this medication but it was approved by my insurance company (Skelaxin). What was your results. Same thing with me on the robaxin. That has not worked on me in the past and I am not sure my insurance will cover this. How did this work out for you? free discount card

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