... surgery I have been taking two pills every other day during the evening. Somtimes I'll wait a few days before taking them again. I have never taken more than two 5/325s in one day. I took a little three day break and yesterday began taking them once again.

Now, when i first started taking them the effects were quite noticeable: aside from the pain relief, there was a very noticeable warm sensation in my body, my head felt very light and I experienced euphoria. These symptoms were very plesant and relaxing and as much as I hate to admit it, I always enjoy this extra plesant benefit everytime I take the percocet. When I took them again yesterday after taking three days off, the pain was gone but I no longer felt the light headedness or warm sensation that I always experienced. Today, I took two more once again and again, no lightheadedness, warmth, or euphoria. I don't know whats going on.

Do you think I have developed a tolerance and now need more percocet to experience these pleasant sensations? Is there any way to combat this, like say not taking the percocet for at least a week?