For the past year or so I've been in and out of urgent care and emergency rooms for shoulder and back pain resulting from a fall. Each time I would leave with a pain script. I kept going to the urgent care clinics because the pain wouldn't go away plus you don't have to make an appointment and its easier to get in and out. The bad thing is I was going at least once to three times a month for about 4 months. I also suffer from MRSA and have been going to the same urgent care clinics and emergency rooms for that as well, also leaving with pain scripts. One urgent care doctor told me that he wasn't going to give me any pain meds for my shoulder because he thought I was searching for drugs and not really in pain. He pulled some list and told me that I've gotten a lot of pain scripts over the past few months, which I have for real reasons. He referred me to an orthopedic doctor and I have been seeing him for several months. I haven't been to the urgent clinics or emergency rooms for the past several months for my back, shoulder, or MRSA but I have been there for flu, bronchitis, etc... I see an infectious disease doctor for the MRSA who has written me a few scripts for pain but I don't have to see him anymore unless I have an outbreak. I finally went to see my general physician who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and wrote me several scripts including one for pain. (Loritab 5, one a day for 30 days) I still have to see my ortho and he refills my pain meds weekly (Loritab 7.5, 20 pills, a 4 day supply). Would this be considered doctor shopping? Not knowing that this is a habit of doctor shopping, I use two different pharmacies. One is right by my house (which I use the most) and one is near work which I use to drop scripts off if I go to the doctor's office during work hours. Would this be considered doctor shopping? I never have two pain scripts at one time. Am I 'red-flagged'? Is there anyway to find out?