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Have holiday party, bad idea to use make-up one night to cover blotch from fluorouracil?

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suzanne66 10 Dec 2010

No - you can use make up to cover the blotch but bear in mind it may sting.

Ldd 11 Dec 2010

Thank you.

want2Bmedless 10 Dec 2010

I am not a medical professional, but, after reading up on it, I do not see the harm of skipping the application of fluorouracil for a few hours for a party.

It is important NOT to mix the fluorouracil with make up. There could be chemicals in the make-up that may interact with the chemicals of this topical medication.

If I were you, there is a product called Barriere cream... it's main ingredient is dimethicone. Just as the name of the cream suggests, when applied to the skin, it provides a "barrier" on the top of the skin. I would put some of this on, making sure there is absolutely NO fluorouracil on your face or on the spot you wish to cover. Only AFTER applying the Barriere cream or dimethicone based cream on the spot, then, I would apply the make-up on top... the barriere cream may make a shiny spot on your face... so I would likely also use a face powder on top as well.

After you get home from the party, I would make sure your face is washed thoroughly and I would not use the fluorouracil again until sometime late the next day, just to be sure all traces of makeup - which can sink into your pores - is completely gone ie. make sure the area is washed thoroughly, at least twice or three times before applying the medication again. Also, if I were in your shoes I would skip the fluorouracil at least 12 hours before applying the barriere cream and make-up.

You should call your pharmacist and double check if this idea of mine would be safe to follow... as it is only an idea, and just something I would consider if I were in your shoes.

I know what it is like to have disfiguring rashes etc. on your face. I sometimes break out in unsightly hives and I cover them with make-up so that I have the confidence to enjoy myself on special occasions.

Hope you have a wonderful time at the party! free discount card

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