I am 41 years old. Was cross-tapered from Xanax to Valium from my dr. He began the dosage at 30mgs a day & it has taken me 3 years to taper down to 20mgs a day. I'm becoming agoraphobic, very depressed, feel no motivation, cannot sleep, chest pains & heart palpitations that cause tachycardia & have an overwhelmimg feeling of doom & gloom (death). Seems that every dr. I try to talk to about helping me get off of this awful medication seems to not want nything to do with it. I'm very frustrated & feel like it is debilitating me. I donated kidney to my sister 10 yrs ago, lost my mother 1 yr ago (59 yrs old), have 4 adult children, 3 grandchildren & have always been the one to take care of everyone & feel that I cannot even take care of myself. Very frustrating. Thank you!