... when first began.
I am dealing with severe peripheral neuropathy, crippling arthritis, lot of tendon ruptures in shoulders and hips,Bursitis in hips, and compression fractures in lower back .Also right foot has a total collapse from severed tendon there. I walk with a brace.and have lot sores from crippled foot and constant shifting of bones in feet that causes brace to rub even more sores on foot and ankles. It is not healing well due to diabetes. There is more but otherwise healthy and try to get around as best I can. .Needlesa s to say I am patient at Pain clinic and have been on quite a variety of narcotics. Need to know drug that will keep me functioning and take the edge off this almost unbearable experience!!!
Previously on oxycodone, oxycontin, opana ER ,vicodin am currently on celebrex, lyrica ,cymbaltam ,paxil, prednisone off and on.if absolutely have to have it,
Been to psych DRs, on physical therapy, electric stimulation machines, ice,heat, imagery, hypnosis and on and on.
PLEAS help if you can..

One drug Q... How does hydromorphone and dose needed compare to hydrocodone10/325 that have been on long time?? Other suggestions?? My life is not worth living at this point
Thank you in advance