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Have bad congestion. can I take mucinex sinus (guafenesin/phenylephrine) AND Nyquil at same time?

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Inactive 23 Apr 2010

Hi mbgator. I have, myself, taken both at the same time, however, I would strongly advise you to seek a doctors advice before taking them together, just to be sure. Just because I came out alright using these two meds, doesn't necessarily mean that others won't have a potential problem using the two together. PLEASE, just call Your doctor, and make sure it'll be o k. Good luck with everything, and I hope You get to felling better soon. :-)

christineATU 23 Apr 2010

I agree with Brent, check with your doctor. Guaifenesin AND Nyquil contain dextromethorphan. If you were prescribed the Guaifenesin, is it the DAC liquid? That one contains codeine. But it sounds like you have 2 OTC medications. Just be careful and double check with your doctor or pharmacist. Sorry to hear about your bad congestion. I know how it feels. Every time you lay down, you can't stop coughing, feeling crappy, etc. Hope you feel better soon!

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