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Have anyone tried marys magic mouthwash for the burning mouth syndrome?

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Suzanne mc 14 Dec 2011

No - I've never heard of it. Does it work and where do you get it?

Fridaeletish 14 Dec 2011

I hadn't tried it yet my doctor gave a prescription for it and I was wondering about does it work before I pay for it cause I paid for a prescription before and it didnt work something called I forgot whats its.called but it was like a dental paste

Suzanne mc 14 Dec 2011

I'm willing to try anything!!! I've dealt with this for almost four years and it has taken over my life. I've seen 14 doctors and even had brain surgery to sever nerves which was very hard to recover from and had zero everts. This website is the only thing I" m trusting now. I have had some relief from Xanax.

hawkins6 31 Dec 2011

am taking Magic solution and I find it kind of works. The real burning is gone from my mouth for the most part, but my gums and tongue still hurt... more of a prickly burn, which is much less irritating than the fierce burning I've put up with for the last three years. I still need to take some gabepentin... 600 MG at night when it is at it's worse. I too, have gone through countless doctors and dentists and countless perscription drugs. Some of the drugs worked for awhile, but I think my body adjusted to them and soon they became uneffective. My Magic solution is made of prednisone, nystatin, qdryl1. I can list the drugs I've taken if you would like.

pennybesley 14 Jan 2012

I've used Magic mouthwash. It has lidocaine in it so does provide some temporary relief of the burning/pain. Doesn't solve the problem, but does give you some relief. free discount card

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