I have been off of work for a month due to depression. I usually just need a dr statement stating that I was sick & unable to come to work. But this time, in order for me to get advanced sick leave, My employer wants me to present dr statement with diagnosis & prognosis for my illness. This is the only way for me to qualify for the advanced leave. I don't want 2 disclose the depression part of my illnesses, simply because I don't think that they will approve my leave of absence & they will look at me & think it's a joke. The boss over my boss is pressuring my manager to get the statement from me, because he is not just an evil person, but he is racist, unreasonable & deceitful, among other things!

Long, story short... I basically, wanted to get my psych doc to just put my other medical illness on the statement instead so that I won't be rediculed or denied the adv leave. The other illness that I suffer with is NASH, which a liver disease, has no cure & I wanted you guys to tell me what u think? I already asked the psych via the email/phone & I am awaiting for her response! Do u guys think that my request to my dr to put my other illness on the statement is wrong or unethical? Please tell me what u think! Please respond! thanks for any responses & God Bless u!