... daughter. i always report to each doctor of any meds that have been change.. my daughter is on 80 mgs of Prozac for her OCD.. during this time she saw her doctor for her migraines. i told him of her changes in medicine for OCD. he meditative told me to stop the meds for her migraines which was Elavil 25 mg. he SAID she DID NOT NEED TO TAKE ELAVIL WHILE SHE IS ON PROZAC.

so i stop her ELAVIL 25 mg.. he put her on Topamax 25mg twice a day..for her migrains..

during this time the Prozac made her acting silly..not able to concentrate in class. she got sleepy a lot during the time she was on Prozac 80 mgs. he had started her on 40mg and move up to 80 mg. she saw the doctor today and said for me to stop the Prozac completely. I'm very worried about stopping it suddenly than not weaning her off. .My husband saids she doesnt need to be all the meds Its making her high is the way he put it.

the doctor that is treating her for her OCD also told me she has Bipolar disorder..im not satisfying with his diagnose..Im not certain on what to do

..My husband said she doesn't need to be taking Prozac Its making her high is the way he put it.

so the doctor wants her to start taking ABILIFY 2 mg..Im still not certain about his diagnose for Bipolar.. what should i do?