... has been answered already. My GF is 25 and lives alone in LA. She has hashimotos. Recently her doctor put her on Armour. Her synthroid was not irking for her anymore but she also had to change to obamacare. Anyways, she started on 20 moved to 40 and is now on the 60 (I don't know what the measurements are I assume Milligrams.) she has no energy and can't get out of bed. She is very good on her diet and doesn't eat soy or gluten at all. She tried to exercise when she can. Lately, she has been getting worse and worse. The doctor wants to prescribe her lexapro because she thinks she's depressed. She is but because she is exhausted all day every day. I live all the way in Florida and cannot take care of her. I would like to try to help her with support from a community going through the same issues. Please, I'm afraid that one day it might all be too much for her. She is so sweet and kind and not that anyone deserves to go though this but it's harder seeing someone so undeserving of it, going though such mental anguish from being unable to enjoy her youth. She is very well-read with independent research but has no answers for herself. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you