... 27 years old and I was diagnosed with Hashi's 4 years ago at the age of 23. I started on 25mcg of Synthroid and finally leveled out at 75mcg. Since then I've had ups and downs with not feeling well... This past summer I had additional issues where my Doctor suggested I go for an ultrasound of my thyroid where they found two nodules that were not large enough to be biopsied at the time. He also upped my Synthriod to 200mcg. Since that point I have been feeling okay, but recently started to feel very sluggish, tired, and have had some irritation in my throat. However, I haven't been feeling cold, which I usually feel when my levels are off. I made an appointment to get additional blood work done next week. Has anyone ever felt OK body temp wise, but their levels were still off? I’m also considering just getting my thyroid taken out as I feel it is only going to get worse and I'm already having these issues at a young age. Opinions?