Hashimoto's Disease - My Endo just ran a bunch of tests because I have not been feeling well. A year ago my Primary Care Dr. diagnosed me with PCOS just based off of symptoms, but to be sure I went to an Endo and ran some tests.

What he found is confusing. He said he was certain I probably had PCOS or Cushings but the tests conclude I most definitely have neither.

Thyroid disorders run in the family somewhat, and so we checked for that also. The Endo said he is confused by the fact that my thyroid function levels are normal but my the antibody levels are high.

He said this means I have Hashimoto's, but he can't figure out why I am having symptoms of PCOS and hypothyroidism when the test indicate normal function. He did not provide me any medication or treatment of any type and I am left with no explanation. He suggested I get tested for Celiacs. Other than that, I am still at a loss. Any ideas?