... been to ER - treated with steroids and antihistamines. Been taking 60 prednisone for a week, when tried to go down to 40 - hives break out again. Seen allergist. He ordered bunch of blood work, did the scratch test today - no food allergies. Blood shows thyroglobulin antibodies high (2), thyroid peroxidase antibodies high (168). This morning allergist said hives are of autoimmune nature (obviously, I have Hashimoto's). He told me to stop prednisone and start Xyzal x2 a day. He did mention that by stopping steroids hives may come back, but we should try to contain them with antihistamines. Hives broke out around 7 pm today. I took steroid pill (20) because the hives were intense. Feel they are subsiding now.
Does anyone else have chronic hives? How do you guys deal with them? Any suggestions are appreciated!