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Has this drug been used for the treatment of bi-polar?

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Sideffects2 2 Apr 2010

Yes it is classified as an anti-convulsant which is also used as a mood stabilizer. Hope it works for you.

Princess22008 2 Apr 2010

I use it as a mood stabilizer and also was given it to help with countering the weight gain from other meds that I take. I have been on it for 4 months and have had pretty good results from it.

paulsport3 2 Apr 2010

Hey Junior, what's up? Your answer is yes. Many drugs used in treatment of things like axiety disorder,depression,drug addiction and even people with seizure disorder.The researchers,scientists in pharmacology have found that several meds in use of seizure disorders has also worked in treatment of bipolar and forms of depression. That does not mean you have this problem itis just the fact that many drugs developed out there are discovered by accident and some developed to help treat certain disorders or conditions actually are also effective in treating manyother conditions. Topomax sometimes is gradually increased in dosage if it is working, it will be leveled off when your doc feels you are stable. Most people start out at 25mg and take 3x a day but for you it may be less or more. free discount card

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