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Has tamoxifen shown any benefit in hormon pos. metastaic melanoma?

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Marvell 13 Dec 2009

Please see link below. The article is a bit long and you would have to read the whole article to get the full story but studies suggested that tamoxifen improved the response of metastatic melanoma to combination chemotherapy including carmustine, cisplatin, and dacarbazine.

The effect of tamoxifen on melanoma cells is not clearly understood. Whether some melanoma cells do express ER (23,24) or whether estrogen binding to tyrosine hydroxylase (25) explains the estrogen binding data with melanoma cell cytosol has not
been resolved. But, regardless of the mechanism of action, there are data from a randomized therapeutic trial that tamoxifen may augment the response of melanoma to single-agent dacarbazine. It is not unreasonable to ask whether dacarbazine and tamoxifen are comparable in efficacy to potentially more toxic chemotherapy
regimens with drugs such as cisplatin. There is now both the preclinical and the clinical trial rationale to support the conduct of such a trial.;88/5/224.pdf free discount card

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