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Has methylin ER been recalled and is it available at drugstore?

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kari53150 3 Apr 2011

Prior to today I was taking methylin ER for about a year and a half. Last week Friday when I tried to refill my medication at Target and then Walgreens, I was told that the drug manufacturer discontinued the medication 3 months prior.

bethmed 28 Dec 2011

I had also been told that Methylin was not being made anymore. I dont know about the ER only the regular type but even that was the best generic I ever had. Mentally I feel better on Methylin than on the brand Ritalin and only have a few more mild side effects. So I was disappointed at hearing that it was not going to be available anymore. However, just yesterday I ended up having to pick up my Ritalin script at Walmart, the only place in town that still had it due to the Adderall shortage and everyone being put on Ritalin. I had no idea what manufacturer I was getting as it was not clearly stated on the label but I noticed a huge difference from the last several generics I have tried. The last one before this was so awefull, it gave me constant migraines and terrible sinus headaches. It also didnt work very well and made me feel like I had taken way too much caffiene. I immediately felt a wonderful difference and remembered only one other generic that worked this well. Sure enough when I did a pill identifier it was Methylin even though it didnt say it on the label. I take 15mg 3x's daily, so the pills are 10mg. I had always tried to stay away from Walmart drugs because I had been told that the reason they can sell them for less is because they use older pills that I guess their providers still have in stock. Normally that would sound like something you would not want but in this case if they are still getting what's left of the Methylin pills I will keep on going there. Even if they are a little older they are still definately worth it. Also 135 10mg pills cost me only a little over $9. Give Walmart a try (isn't there a Walmart right down the street from everyone in America by now, but if you miraculously still dont have one close by you can still order scripts online from them I believe) and ask every pharmacy around. I used to work in a pharmacy and sometimes we would still have some types of pills around that we didnt use because our warehouse didnt supply it anymore but we kept it around in case we ran out. It's worth a try now that you know some are still out there. I live near Atlanta, GA. Hope there are a few left in your hometown. Goodluck and hope this helps. By the way has anyone ever noticed than when you are taking a really good generic ritalin you just cant stop talking or typing in my case? free discount card

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