Hi, my name is steph I came across this site a little while back. I was surching for ways to stop abusing tramadol and opiates. I had been taking a large amount of both and was given the advice to taper off which I'm grateful to those who took the time to talk to me, Laurieshay especially. Anyhow I have not been successful. I am considering methadone I have seen so many posts that have said that if they were to go back they never would have taken that route. I am scared to stop taking anything because of pain I can't live that way anymore unfortunately I have no self control and never have I'm exsausted and have not got the backbone to quit. I'm scared I've been against methadone use for as long as I can remember but of course I've known nothing about it and always thought it was to help quit using heroine. My sister started treatment a year ago and has been urging me to do the same. Went to the clinic today and they were extremely nice My appointment with the dr is Tuesday. 
I will have to drive 30 miles every day till march and then they said if I'm on track I could get take homes. )-;  the hardest part of all of this is that my husband is completely against methadone use he used heroine in the past and thinks that I should just quit. So do I hide it until I know Its helping me 
Or just tell him Grrr I guess I know the answer but I sure am scared to tell him just how much I take and spend on drugs.