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Has it caused any weight gain or loss?

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ElizaJane23 9 Sep 2011

Hi - welcome! Could you let us know which medication you are referring to? You can just add it to your question or post it as a comment to my comment. We look forward to helping you -

ibdebby 9 Sep 2011

I am sorry. Orencia

ElizaJane23 11 Sep 2011

So sorry - I missed your reply. I am sorry to say that I am not familiar with this medication. Thank you Pledge for researching this! If you would like to see if other people using this medication have had any weight issues, it would be best to post your question again, and select Orencia as one of the topics. That way others in the Orencia support group would see your question. Also, select rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, autoimmune disorders - anything along those lines will get people's attention, and they might have other recommendations for you also. Regards -

Anonymous 9 Sep 2011

Hello ibdebby. I don't think ElizaJane noticed your added comment regarding that you're asking about orencia. Its happened to me ha! Well,I say no weight gain or loss. Only because I read up on this drug. At the top of this page besides the is a search engine. Enter the word orencia and it will bring you to that particular page. You can read up on it as well as the section on user reviews. There are several comments. What I've read is that people who have started to take it, is that thier issue if thats the proper word is feeling very tired. fatioque. Other wise, people seem very satisfied with this drud/medication. Wishing you and everyone a fine day and if you are planning to take this medication, that it works well for you.

ElizaJane23 11 Sep 2011

Thank you Pledge!

Anonymous 11 Sep 2011

Good Sunday morning ElizaJane. Most welcome and have a great day, I hope all is well. Theres a fresh pot of coffee so feel free to have a cup and a danish to go with it. (compliments of Laurie)

ElizaJane23 11 Sep 2011

Thanks Pledge - don't mind if I do. Time to sit down and relax a spell with friends. Trying to avoid the calories but I just might indulge in Laurie's treats if you promise not to tell! Calories don't count if they aren't seen by anyone else don't you know! -

Anonymous 11 Sep 2011

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