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Has gabapentin helped with pain in legs hips buttocks and lower back pain?

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Anonymous 1 Oct 2010

Dear Sean: I call gabapentin my miracle drug. It has done wonders for my back pain, etc. BUT, that is not to say that it is your miracle drug. First of all, most people have different reactions to different meds. So gabapentin may not help you at all. Second, and most important, all meds have SIDE EFFECTS. You have to weigh the benefit vs. the result. FI, I can only take 300 mg. a day of gabapentin (or Neurontin the 'official name'). I was on 3600mg a day before. I had no idea that it was causing me to gain over 80 pounds if fluid, that to this day, I am still working on getting out of me. Not only that, but the fluid has put a tremendous stress on my body and the pain. You see what I mean? I swore that I would never take the drug again, until several years later a doctor asked me to just try 300mg. at night so I don't wake up in the AM as miserable as before. Yes, I have put on fluid gain, but it has helped me so much in the AM compared to before, that to me it is worth the agravation. You can't rely on what other people say about a med as no one is the same, or has the same side effects.
Good luck!! Msfino

christineATU 1 Oct 2010

I can only say that it has worked wonders for my mother. She had tried all different meds, including opiates, and this medication has worked the best. As the first answer says, all people react differently to different meds. But it has been a life saver for my mom.

I hope you have good results with this medication.
Best wishes,
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